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Growth Specialist at EmberTribe

EmberTribe Sep 26
You've got a few years of experience running online ads, either in-house or at an agency. You're not an expert, but you've had some success and you're hungry to grow. You're inexperienced with automated tools, rules and scripts but you realize the value they could bring and want to find more ways to level up on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

You understand that social ads aren't just for Likes and Shares, but have real power to drive revenue, leads and sales for companies. You're driven to improve KPIs with direct response funnels and explore how different industries achieve success. Data is your lifeblood, and how you measure performance.

- Develop and optimize paid acquisition campaigns on platforms such as (but not limited to) Facebook, AdWords, Amazon, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter
- Provide regular insight into campaign performance with an ability to go “beyond the metrics” and give analysis that business leaders can understand & appreciate
- Execute thorough analysis on competitors (activities, messaging, offers) and prospect customers (interests, pain points, demographics) for the purpose of launching and optimizing better campaigns
- Execute and contribute to strategy per client, holistically mapping the appropriate offers and messaging to audiences in different stages of the acquisition funnel
- Drive creation of top-tier ads in a variety of formats based on platform capabilities, typically by managing other creative executors (freelance or in-house)
- Proactively identify opportunities to improve campaign performance with complementary efforts (landing pages, email drips, onboarding improvements, etc.) that can be communicated to the client as a value-add or upsell

- Unafraid of failure, doesn’t feel the need to spin/obfuscate struggling campaigns to keep clients “in the dark”
- Tenaciously curious; constantly asking “why?” and seeking new tests, new answers, new ways of solving problems
- A proactive communicator, prompt to keep teammates and clients “in the know” without needing to be asked
- A lifetime learner, in pursuit of new information and challenges from a variety of sources to enrich their skillset and experiences

- Experience managing both monthly budgets of at least $2k+
- Proven track record of sustained business results from paid campaigns
- Have worked in multiple business types (e-commerce, SaaS, leadgen, local)
- Comfortable directly interfacing with clients

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