Senior Facebook Media Buyer at VII Digital

VII Digital is a boutique Social Media Advertising Agency looking to add a full-time Senior Facebook Media Buyer to join its team. VII Digital has been around for 8 years, and is small by design. While we have a long history of working with large corporations, over the last few years we have grown support tremendously for small, minority-owned, businesses. Most of the brands you'll be working with will fall into this group.

As a Senior Facebook Media Buyer there is an expectation of you coming in and hitting the ground running. You will be given more difficult accounts to manage with the goal of producing results. You will also be tasked with offering up strategy and suggestions to help more junior team members on much easier accounts. The Senior role will require some client communication.

You're an absolute beast when it comes to:
  • Diving deep into audience research, past client campaigns and competitor analysis to formulate plans for how to get new clients the best results. Sometimes it's easy to build the persona of an audience that you fit in, but you also know how to conduct research to find the right audiences, and targets for products/services even when you're not part of the target audience.
  • Managing the day-to-day for complex campaigns. You know exactly when it needs to be optimized, and also when to back off because it's being touched too much.
  • You go dumb when it comes to optimizations. You're pulling demographic drill-downs, getting into the weeds at the ad, ad set and campaign level. You find gold and know how to share it with non-technical clients and leverage it to optimize and create future a/b tests. 
  • Identifying new opportunities to increase client conversions, your ear is to the streets and you're one of the first people to know about new releases and performance-shifting changes.
  • Reporting! You're in the data often but you understand how to pull together a presentable report and because you're anal about numbers and being accurate - you will have onced, twiced and thriced over it before letting a soul see it.
  • You are able to self-manage, with limited supervision, and still drive major results. 
  • You are also accessible during work hours (M-F 9am - 5pm ET) and have a stable home office situation that will allow for on-demand video calls (we like cameras on, so do our clients). 
  • Meeting deadlines in a non-negotiable for you, you more than meet them, you complete items early to allow yourself ample time to review for accuracy before submission. If the client is late in supplying creatives, you're already working on the the campaign shell so they only need to be plugged in and reviewed afterwards. You take great pride in being on top of deliverables.
  • Delivering results is a must for you! You know the client goals, but then when you hit them you're not complacent, you're already working on how to raise the bar and one-up those benchmarks. 
  • Understanding the type of creative and copy that works. You will not be expected to create creative or copy but you will be expected to provide suggestions for improvement based on data, and in some instances you'll be tasked with working with designers and copywriters to relay client creative needs. You'll also have an eye for mistakes, things that would look/sound better, and are able to socialize that by way of revisions with the designers/copywriters before sending to the client, to ensure we're putting our best foot forward.

Your background likely includes:
  • 3+ years of Facebook media buying experience
  • Passion for data, analytics and understanding user behavior
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, quality-focused environment
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Some knowledge of attribution tools like Hyros, TripleWhale, Luz, Rockerbox, etc.

The preferred background also includes:
  • 5+ years of Facebook media buying experience
  • Bachelor's degree in a quantitative field
  • An independent problem solver
  • Located within 2-3 hours of the ET time zone
  • Experience with SLACK and ASANA
  • Experience using Google Analytics for data triage
  • Proficiency across other social channels - esp. TikTok and Pinterest.

Job Type: 1099 Contract, Full-Time

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