Director of Outreach at Stone Press

Our SEO traffic has grown 10x in the last year. 

We’ve been able to do that by scaling our content production, and conducting email outreach to convince relevant websites, bloggers, and journalists to link to our content.

Our Outreach team makes up more than a third of the entire company. It’s a critical function in our business, and we need a proven leader to come in and take things to the next level.

The team runs like a machine. It’s a system that is made up of many processes in order to work. The challenge is in making sure this machine is well-oiled, and that it’s prepared for the next levels of growth. For you, that means coming in and taking over the current team of 6 folks, and figuring out how to get to 20.

You’ll join us, get to know the team, and learn our playbook for outreach. Once you’ve found your footing, you’ll lead the effort to scale our outreach program.

If you enjoy building teams in a process-driven, and systematic way, love competitive roles with quotas, and want to own and scale a department, we want to talk to you.

Your Responsibilities
  • Own all aspects of link building operations, from prospecting to email outreach. This means you’ll be responsible for sending thousands of emails per month.
  • Develop new strategies and initiatives to improve conversion rates.
  • Oversee and drive link quality.
  • Continuously improve and develop team processes, systems, and operating procedures.
  • Maintain detailed, and up to date documentation for every aspect of the operations.
  • Recruit, hire, onboard, and train all the necessary roles needed for your department.
  • Coach, mentor, and manage your team.
  • Work with the senior team to set annual, quarterly, and monthly goals. Then consistently hit those goals with your team.
  • Set individual goals for everyone on your team.
  • Foster a competitive yet collaborative team environment.

How to Tell If You’ll be a Great Fit
  • Don’t know what link building is? No link building or SEO experience? No problem. SEO is at the core of our company, and our Founders are some of the best in the world. Link building is a foundational component of what we do, we’ve been doing it for 15 years, and we’re ready to teach.
  • Processes, systems, and operations excite you. Tweaking things to improve efficiencies and drive better results is something that comes natural to you.
  • You heavily rely on logic and analysis, strive for objectivity, and are more methodical and process-oriented than spontaneous when reaching decisions and making choices.
  • You delight in finding ways to improve your metrics. You’re a data-driven person, who often looks for numbers to make decisions.
  • You should have deep experience with all aspects of building and running a department. From managing to recruiting, you know how to build teams.
  • You’re comfortable leading teams to meet quotas. You know when to push for the goal. And you know how to balance that with taking the pressure off so folks can breathe.
  • You have the ability to motivate and excite a team that is doing boring, grinding work every day. Celebrating wins, running weekly contests, and keeping morale up should all be easy for you.
  • When projects or goals involve other teams, you know how to proactively get buy-in, do more than your fair share to build trust, and can meet goals even when other folks don’t report directly to you.
  • You must be US-based, but we are a 100% remote company so you can work from anywhere you like. No specific education or certifications required.

Compensation and Benefits
  • We believe in paying competitively, towards the top of the market rates.
  • Health, dental, vision, and life insurance. We fully cover it all, and we also cover your spouse and dependents. We’ve also selected the very best plan available to us.
  • One-time $1500 office reimbursement. That means we pay for your equipment, and you get to keep it.
  • Monthly $300 remote work reimbursement.
  • 3 weeks of PTO every year, and we currently observe 10 US holidays.

About Stone Press
Stone Press is building the largest network of B2B websites, with a focus on SEO. We already operate several of the most respected B2B sites, and are actively pursuing acquisitions and launching new projects.

We provide our millions of monthly website visitors a wealth of information across all business categories and topics.

Our team is primarily made up of writers, editors, strategists, outreach coordinators, and prospectors.

We’re a fully remote company, dedicated to making sure that Stone Press is an incredible place to work.

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