Director of Marketing for successful SaaS at Lead Sherpa, Inc.

At Lead Sherpa, we surround ourselves with high-level talent that share our vision, and continuously deliver incredible value to our clients through the hard work we put in each day to competitively remain ahead of the curve, become more efficient, and be seen as the ultimate resource in lead generation for real estate professionals. 

Core Values 

RESPECT - We believe in having empathy and treating people the right way, and that includes the team, our family, our clients, and ourselves.

INNOVATION - We innovate quicker than our competition can copy, and we remain curious, always searching for better solutions that give us an edge.

DRIVE - We have a strong desire to drive forward and dominate as the leaders in our industry so we can provide very the best service to our clients.

INTEGRITY - We honor our promises and we always follow through with what we say we are going to do. Period.


We run a lean organization: our team is 100% remote, operating with a high level of autonomy and trust. Schedules are flexible as long as deadlines are hit. Our team takes full ownership of every project—not only do they work well independently without supervision, but they also work well within the team ecosystem. Our company culture cultivates a feeling of camaraderie and a sense of belonging and direction. Every team member knows exactly what our targets are, where we are going, and how we will get there.

Our team also has the focus and drive to power through the challenges that every company encounters from time to time. When we are on the top of the mountain, we use that same focus and drive to keep the flywheel spinning ever faster so we can ride that momentum!

Our founder and CEO is a man of his word and he expects everyone on the team to be as well. Integrity is one of our most important core values. If you say you are going to do something, then do it. We rely on team members who are committed to fulfilling their promises.

We proactively search for ways to uplevel our game and perform better than the day before! We foster mentor-type relationships between team leaders and the members of their team to help them grow personally and professionally, and we offer personal development training and other courses to further the enrichment of our team members.

We keep a positive outlook on life and see the glass as half full. We love to celebrate our wins and recognize when our team demonstrates our core values. For example, there may be a team member in engineering who stays up late working on a solution for a particular challenge. Fellow team members are encouraged to look for, reward, and reinforce those kinds of actions. We have a peer-to-peer awards system that reflects our core values, and when we spot team members doing something right, we award them with points that can be accumulated and redeemed for rewards that are specifically and personally meaningful to them. This may include a nice dinner out on the town at a high-end restaurant or tickets to a sporting event. We also reinforce these positive behaviors at our bi-weekly meetings where team members receive “Sherpa Shoutouts” in recognition of the core values they have demonstrated through their work. 

We also place very high importance on personal and family time and celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. We enjoy the freedom to create the schedules we want while maintaining the integrity of our work. 

Lead Sherpa is based in Denver, Colorado, however, we have a 100% remote team who work for us all across the Western Hemisphere, from Canada, all the way down to Brazil. This allows us to source the best talent possible and offer perks of time and location freedom that exist as a result of being a remote and globally connected company. These “A-Player” team members are driven, self-motivated and thirsty to learn and acquire new skills quickly, and who are diligent in their work. Our focus is on creating a dynamic, positive and supportive work environment where our team members can grow and thrive.

Team members enjoy company-sponsored health care, a flexible time-off policy, and are eligible for a 401(k) retirement plan with generous company matching contributions. We take ownership of our roles and are treated with respect, creating an ideal work environment for us to thrive and attract other high-quality team members. We also support our team members with the necessary resources and training to enhance their performance. 

Lead Sherpa has an open door policy focusing on radical transparency and SOLUTIONS. When it comes to speaking with the CEO, team members are expected to present him with two possible solutions anytime a challenge comes up, and then also give their best recommendations for which avenue to take and why. We are competitive warriors fiercely working towards market domination. We solve problems together, we WIN together, and we DOMINATE together. 

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Lead Sherpa received the Silver award in 2020 for the Best in Biz Awards, Fastest-Growing Company of the Year in the country (1-99 employees). We continue to grow at an impressive rate year after year and we attract top-tier talent who have the desire to grow and thrive with us as we expand into different markets.

Founder Feeling

I can’t help but be filled with pride and gratitude as I look back on how far we have come. Lead Sherpa’s growth has been exponential, and our early-stage growth has outpaced other well-known tech companies by a factor of thirty! We continue to expand our scope and experience rapid growth, and our revenue and profitability are a reflection of that.

We are committed to creating more value, serving more people, and creating a bigger impact in the world, and even though we are focused on market domination, we remain humble and grounded. 

We have encountered technology setbacks, regulation changes, and other obstacles beyond our control, but as a team, we have remained strong, committed, and have rallied together to identify solutions, forge ahead, and continue to serve clients at the highest level. 

I am constantly on the search for more A-Players to join our team and offer them the opportunity to grow with us. If Lead Sherpa sounds like the perfect place where you can put your drive, hard work, talent, and skills to good use, then let’s talk. Together we can build an exciting future. If everything I’ve just shared resonates with you, then I invite you to reach out to us to see if we’re a match.

Who we’re looking for:

We currently have an opening for a Director, Marketing & Demand Generation. This role reports to the Director of Operations. As the Director of Marketing, you'll be responsible for shaping our go-to-market efforts and leading the marketing team. This includes, strategically planning our marketing efforts across multiple marketing disciplines including, paid advertising and social, organic social, content marketing, demand generation, search engine optimization, website, content marketing, product marketing, and sales enablement. Additionally, you will lead the marketing team to deliver our marketing programs on time and within budget.

Additionally, you will be responsible for excellent marketing return on investment and lowering our customer acquisition costs across our marketing initiatives. As such, you will be responsible for leading marketing ROI reporting and optimization.

You must be a team player with a desire to excel at collaborating with others to deliver exceptional marketing work - a "can-do" attitude is a must. You will work with minimal supervision and as such, need to be a self-starter, exercise exceptional judgment and discretion. Take the initiative to correct problems and improve the way things are done. You will collaborate with the Sales Department to gain insight into the full customer journey and revenue cycle. You should understand how to work effectively within a small organization, and excel at building interpersonal relationships with co-workers.

You should have excellent written and verbal communications with a strong orientation towards quality.

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Required Skills

Our Director of Marketing is responsible to manage our marketing efforts. This will include developing and executing our integrated marketing plan in concert with our overall communications and marketing strategies. Additionally, you will be managing the team responsible for delivering marketing efforts. You will be measured by the completeness of strategies; team satisfaction; and improvement on Return on Marketing Investment; and top-line growth of our company. We use Hubspot to track and manage our marketing efforts - you must have extensive knowledge and experience using this tool and have a firm grasp of inbound and growth marketing strategies.

  • Design and Develop Strategic and Tactical Marketing Plans
  • Develop a yearly budget for the marketing team
  • Create marketing reports to share with executives
  • Sift through marketing data to find the important trends
  • Oversee social media strategy and implementation
  • Develop thought leadership pieces
  • Manage a multi-discipline marketing team
  • Produce and lead the team to produce exceptional marketing deliverables.
  • Create a team culture and team structure
  • Manage a Young Brand into an industry leader
  • Multitask across a multitude of marketing initiatives and programs
  • Be held accountable to marketing and team performance
  • Prior experience at a SaaS marketing organization is preferred
  • Broad understanding of the real estate investment industry
  • Broad understanding of complex marketing initiatives and marketing reporting.

  • High-caliber BA or BS degree, MBA in Marketing Preferred 
  • 5+ years of experience in B2B marketing. 
  • 3+ years of experience using Hubspot, bonus points if you have certifications
  • Extensive knowledge of and experience with inbound & growth marketing
  • Superb writing and editing skills. 
  • Proven record of success with project management. 
  • Broad understanding of the marketing industry and advertising. 

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$110,000 - $130,000 yearly

About Lead Sherpa, Inc.

Job Benefits

  • Group Health Insurance, Vision and Dental
  • 401(K) 100% match up to 3%
  • 100% Remote.
  • Company-wide incentive program.
  • Flexible (unlimited) PTO policy with manager approval.
  • Reimbursement of and time off for training and continuing education coursework (approval required).
  • Home office/hardware stipend of up to $2,000. Prior approval is required and reimbursement will be paid after 30 days of full-time employment. 
  • 8 paid US holidays.
  • Twice monthly direct deposit payroll through Gusto with an early payment options

We have a quick and straightforward 3 step application process
  1. Complete Predictive Index evaluation
  2. Complete application form
  3. Complete cognitive evaluation
After Step 1 is finished, you will be automatically redirected to the application form and a link to the cognitive evaluation will be sent to your inbox. Once all three steps are finished, your application will be complete!

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