Director of Sales at Growth Tools

Headquarters: Franklin, Tennessee, United States

We're hiring a Director of Sales because we need you to lead and build out our sales team to get to the next level!

This role is a top priority in the company.

Why? Although we've made the Inc 5000 list as one of the fastest growing companies in the country, we've done that with a fractional sales leader. And now I need you to come in and lead and scale our sales and SDR teams. We need someone who eats, breathes and dreams sales every day. And whose sole professional focus is closing more deals and getting more clients into our coaching program so we can help them.

Our mission as a company is to create a marketing system that is nearly impossible to screw up. And we want to help our clients' businesses grow by $1,000,000,000. We can't do that without you helping us get more of the right kind of clients in the door.

We believe that humans are underrated. And that we drastically underestimate what we're capable of. While much of the news and social media is focused on the negative, I've seen first hand, what a hope filled entrepreneur is capable of and how much good they are able to do! At Growth Tools our job is to help every client, grow their business so more people can be helped and more good is done.


One of our clients, Chaitra Rahhakrishna, runs a small design studio. She works with e-commerce companies and helps them create beautiful websites that showcase and sell their products.

When we first started working with her she had $0 revenue and had just given birth to her first child. 12 month later, while being an awesome mom, she also grew her studio to $100,000. This totally changed her life, gave her freedom to be creative and truly pour out her best work to her clients.

This Director of Sales role is massively important because without you we will not have the ability to continue helping people like Chaitra. We have maxed out what is physically possible with our current fractional Sales Manager setup and we need you to take us to the next level.

What will you learn in this role?

If you come from corporate America (Sasa, enterprise, b2b), but crave the intimate team, mission focused, fast paced environment and being on the cutting edge of digital marketing you'll love this role.

If you come from a small business (startup, coaching, consulting) but disliked having a ceiling on your career because there is no where to move to or the leadership capped growth. Growth Tools will be a place you thrive and grow. Elevating to leadership and executive team are firmly in your grasp.

There is 0 red tape at Growth Tools. We don't care about how other people have always done things, how you have always done things or what anyone's SOP is. What we care about is: 1) you love what you do every day and wake up excited to do it; and 2) our clients' success.

We measure both on a daily basis.

In this role you will learn:

1. How to grow revenue from $4mil per year to $25mil (in the next 3 years).

2. How to grow a sales team from 5 FTE to 10.

3. How to work with our leadership team to set the vision and strategy for the company

We don't micromanage you. Rather, as the Director of Sales we expect you to be a world class leader in every way. You will own 2 numbers as the Director of Sales

1. Global close rate of sales calls

2. New client revenue

This Is the offer you'll be selling.

You'll walk away from your time at Growth Tools having been a key leader in creating and scaling one of the most innovative online education and coaching products that exist.

We want you to reflect on your time here saying: "That was the best team I've ever been a part of and the product we created is a high water mark of my career!"

Who will you work with?

You will report directly to me (Bryan Harris, the Founder and CEO). We'll continue to build out your sales team with EAs and SDRs as you come in, acclimate and assess what is needed to reach our yearly targets.

You'll also interact with all of the leadership team members on a regular basis. That includes Becca (Finance), Bill (Marketing), Jeanette (Product), Michele (People).

Where will you work?

We do remote well and have for over 4 years. We all work remote and are scattered around the United States from Pheonix to Nashville and Birmingham.

That means you have the flexibility to work from home or a co-working location or to take the family to Peru for the summer and work from your terrace overlooking Machu Picchu.

What does Growth Tools do and why?

Growth Tools is a coaching company for Marketers. We work with online businesses of all types (startups, coaches, consultants, authors, influencers, Saas) to help them grow their revenue and impact. Our tools consist of 10 SaaS products that we give away for free as lead generation. Our product is a 1:1 coaching service, Growth University. It is sold over the phone by the sales and SDR team.

Do you want to be on the front lines and directly involved with growing some of the coolest and more innovative companies in the world?

Chat soon.



  • 2+ years of Sales Leadership success. (ideally in a direct sales; phone sales; high ticket and/or 1 call close domain (Saas, consulting, coaching, short cycle enterprise etc.)
  • 5+ years direct sales experience I.e. 2+ years direct sales experience ideally door to door; phone sales; solar sales; credit card processing sales; online training program sales, SaaS sales, etc.
  • You are a proven, award winning sales closer and leader
  • You genuinely eat, sleep and breathe sales leadership- you are excited to hit the ground each morning and help your team and our clients win.
  • You genuinely love listening and uncovering people's pain points,
  • You love applying a proven strategy and creating an open dialogue with the client about whether they see the value
  • You LOVE making offers, closing deals, and know how to navigate the "I need to think about it"
  • You are hungry to earn uncapped commissions
  • You take ownership for your results
  • You know how to run a clean sales process and are good at managing pipelines and opportunities
  • You are are an extremely hard worker who doesn't "show up" and "hope someone signs up" but comes early, stays late, and does whatever it takes to lead well and close deals
  • Ideally, you understand the digital marketing domain and strategies.


  • Work from anywhere (we're 100% remote)
  • Key member of the Leadership team
  • Quarterly off-site team retreat
  • Epic Annual Company retreats
  • Competitive salary
  • Profit sharing / Bonuses
  • Health, vision and dental insurance for you and your family
  • Short-term disability and life insurance for you
  • Unlimited vacation (mandated 1-week/yr)
  • Unlimited education allowance
  • Unlimited equipment allowance
  • $100/mo. reimbursable personal / marriage counseling

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