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Senior PPC Expert at EcchiArt

 We are looking for a person to increase our ad spent through multiple advertising channels. Reddit, Facebook, TikTok, GDN etc.  Potential questions that can be asked are:
- How would you circumvent rigorous rules of Facebook for a NSFW product
- What is the best placement to push Facebook traffic from and why
- What works best on TikTok
- Best way to grab leads, ideas?
 Get the gist? The above is just the tip of the iceberg. The goal is to be a master at ideating, implementing, and testing to maximize ROI on our total Ad Spend.
 We pay well, and lots of bonuses for performance. But you will have to perform.
  • Creating and planning a variety of PPC campaigns across a range of digital channels
  • Overseeing existing campaigns and making recommendations on how to optimize them
  • Analyzing trends and making data-driven decisions
  • Writing engaging copy for adverts
  • Proof-reading
  • Making creative suggestions for advert templates
  • Experience with Google Analytics
  • Remote work experience, preferably using Asana
You’ll have the support of:
  • A graphics and front end team to make you whatever you want
  • A digital production team, also to make what’s needed and to create and implement new offers, upsells, downsell s, etc 
  • A seasoned digital marketing team of a dozen people
What would earn you bonus points during the hiring process:
  • Experience with SamCart (that’s powering our E-commerce)
  • Experience in the anime/manga industry
  • Lots of proven experience
  • Proven digital product affiliate experience
  • Knowledge of AI TO Tools such as Trapica 
What we don't do:
  • We don't micromanage
  • We don't waste your or our time with “company culture” 
  • We don't waste your or our time BSing in slack (we don't use slack)
  • We don't make you physically show up anywhere or to anything, ever
  • We avoid long meetings (actually, we try to avoid them completely)
That means that you:
  • Must be incredibly self-motivated and really eager to create (and prove) your ROI
  • Must be very communicative in Asana
  • Can't be afraid to work in a position that requires you to perform
  • Shouldn't really care about fluff (think: anything done by a Silicon Valley startup...) and should care about ROI
  • Shouldn’t get your feelings hurt easily 
  • Hardware & software if/as needed
  • Free anime stuff if you want it
  • 100% remote
  • No BS, just performance 
  • Good performance? Earn more cash.
  • Everything listed in “What we don't do” (see above)

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