Performance Marketing Senior Video Editor at Metabolic

Description Metabolic is a rapidly growing 100% remote $60MM+ metabolic optimization company seeking an innovative Performance Marketing Senior Video Editor who wants to level-up and join our in-house creative team to post-produce health and wellness direct response video ads for Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with a veteran creative team of world-class, performance marketers who spend millions of dollars a month on social media channels. If you're hungry for a challenge and want to write/collaborate, produce, and edit digital video ads inside a Braintrust Culture, all while improving the lives of others without wasting another day producing ads that make you want to puke this is it.

If you're passionate about health and wellness, want to be part of our mission to make living healthy as easy as possible, help us hit our goal of building a billion-dollar brand by 2025, and you

  • Are a born storyteller, with the ability to quickly see and weave together winning narratives
  • Understand human emotions because they are essential in creating great stories
  • Have an excellent sense of pace and timing because every second affects the overall result
  • You're a natural collaborator, because keeping projects on track and is key to your success
  • Work well under pressure and keep your cool, knowing time crunches are part of the gig
  • You're highly creative, but extremely detailed, because you don't tolerate even small mistakes

then please read on as you're precisely the type of unique talent we're looking for.

What are the Key Points?

  • Compensation:$95,000 + Bonus
  • Location: 100% Remote (virtual team of 200+ with no corporate office)
  • Benefits: Health/Dental/Vision/Disability/Life + Robust 401k + Unlimited PTO
  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EASTERN to standardize our rhythms
  • Culture: Human-first with High-Performing, Happy & Humble People (no jerks)
  • Personality: Obsessed with Details so We can Simplify the Complex for Others

Who Will You Report Into?

Hello, my name is Charlotte Miley, Creative Director at Metabolic Living and I need your help. I was hired to create millions of dollars of monthly video ads that performs at 150%+ estimated return on ad spend. As we expand our growth into existing and emerging channels we are constantly testing and learning, and I need a creative emersed in digital advertising to join our team and provide immediate value to me and the media team by producing winning ads that explode our growth.

What's the Ideal Candidate's Background?

You come with deep experience in a digital agency, performance marketing creative ad agency, or an internal creative department as a senior editor producing direct response video ads for social media channels. You are an expert with the full adobe suite. Your ideation and editing have resulted in MILLIONS of dollars of digital media spend, you thrive on persuasive storytelling, and you were born with the "gut-feeling" to utilize GFX, sound design and brilliant editorial pacing to nail the hook, agitate the problem and deliver the thought-provoking concept and CTA in a way that compels a viewer to click and buy.

What Will You Be Working On?

  • Script-to-Screen Ad Development - You will collaborate with our 2 Creative Directors and Chief Creative officer to produce, edit and deliver short-form direct response video advertisements (final with GFX and sound design) for delivery on all the major social channels. We are producing 1-2 new script ads/week per producer.
  • Performance-First Editing - We are an ad department vs. a content department. Your priority is to create ads that sell. That means you've got the experience to tell a good story, while weaving persuasive elements to capture, encourage, motivate a customer to act right now. You aren't the type of individual who chooses the first broll you see on a search, rather you sweat until you find the sound, image and textual element that builds the most compelling story.
  • Creating multiple variations of ads for Media Optimization - We create multiple variations of the first 2-5 seconds to provide extended reach to new audience groups. You will provide new "Thumb-Stops" (or first 2-3 seconds) along with other variations (i.e. cut-downs) for flexible and efficient testing. If an advertisement scales, we will make this a priority. This is the fun part. When this happens you know your ads are producing strong revenue for the company.
  • Always Learning, Always Growing, Always Contributing -Every media channel has its own unique "native" look and feel. You will be expected to understand the nuances of each channel so your ad can hit the highest conversion metrics. (i.e. TikTok is a very different experience than Facebook).
  • Competitive Research, Customer Persona and Media Metrics - We are not looking for an assembly-line editor. We want a right-brain/left-brain creative. That means you invest the time to research and emulate our competition, become intimately aware of our customer persona's so you can create an empathetic story line. In addition, we do something most in-house creative teams never do We teach you how to analyze the media metrics so you can see where your advertisements are winning and where they are falling short. You will be expected to participate in Media/Creative calls so you can contribute ideas for enhancing creative based on the data.

What's Our Culture Like?

We have a human-first culture that puts the needs of our team first. We combine dedicated time for deep work to deliver world-class performance with a standard set of rhythms that allow us to stay aligned, be transparent, and eliminate office politics. For example:

Who Are We and How Are We Different?

Our mission is simple: make living healthy easier than living unhealthy. We empower people to fix their own health with 4 key things that make us different than others in the health and wellness space:

  • Metabolism-First - After 11 years of trial-and-error with 500k+ people, we've found optimizing your metabolism delivers the results you want: feeling your best, looking your best, performing your best and living longer. Your metabolism is your inner compass for health, but most people don't understand how to read it; once you do, it'll tell you exactly how to thrive
  • Individualized-Approach - Paleo may work great for one person's metabolism, Vegan for another, Keto for another, etc. Everyone's different, so to achieve results that stick, those differences must be respected; if not, things will backfire. That's why our approach is 100% customized to the individual - there is no perfect program to find, it must be built to support how that person's unique metabolism works. This is where the usual one-size-fits-all solutions fail - they don't respect our very real individual differences
  • Integrated Ecosystem - It's simply too hard to live healthy - lots of great individual solutions, but nothing is connected. We're left to stitch everything together, which is confusing. We simplify with our integrated ecosystem of offerings you need to optimize your metabolism. We started with nutrition, then exercise, then supplements, then coaching and are constantly adding new elements
  • Unified Platform - Everything's combined into our proprietary Metabolic Optimization System (MetabolicOS) that unites practitioner wisdom and scientific research with machine learning to deliver a truly customized experience that helps dial in your metabolism at any stage of life

We started 11 years go with no centralized brand by launching products and services to solve one consumer problem at a time. Each one has been marketed separately under different brands. Now we're unifying them under our new brand Metabolic that will be supported by the launch of our flagship e-comm site in Q4:22 and our all-in-one digital subscription app in Q2:23, fueling our next leg of growth.


  • 5 - 10+ Years Creative Marketing Agency or Internal Creative Department
  • Technical Expertise - Complete understanding of post-production workflow. Expert level experience in Adobe's Full suite including Premiere Pro & Photoshop. Bonus points for expert level in After Effects. (Additional Skills: Story structure, graphics, animations, color, sound design, and finishing, plus professional-level experience in Microsoft Office).
  • Organizational Rockstar - You love personal optimization. This means you will collaborate with the team to make life more efficient, more enjoyable, and more effective through the utilization of project management software and through tools and applications that can make our virtual experience more streamlined.
  • Expert Collaborator - You will ensure projects are on course and communication with our creative coordinator is clear through daily touch points and updating your tasks within our project management software.
  • Driven to Excellence - An ownership mentality with a relentless inner drive to excellence that other people who aren't built that way find disturbingly intense :-)
  • Exceptional Communication Skills - A perceptive listener who quickly synthesize info and can formulate a methodical action plan that can be clearly articulated verbally and in writing
  • Passion for Health, Fitness and Habits . click apply for full job details

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