Pseudonymous Growth Marketer at Noxx

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

We're hiring a growth marketer at noxx.

You will be leading noxx’s growth efforts to empower the pseudonymous future of work.

  • identity: pseudonymous
  • salary: global flat rate
  • location: remote
  • commitment: part-time (20+ hours/week) or full-time
  • start: asap

What is noxx?
  • noxx is a payroll and compliance tool for pseudonymous talent.
  • details in this tweet & blog post.

How would you work?
  • you would use a pseudonym.
  • you could use an avatar and voice-changer for meetings.
  • you would not show us your real identity.

Who are we looking for?
  • someone passionate about web3 and pseudonymous economy.
  • someone with growth experience. (loves experimenting)
  • someone that can do contents marketing (tweets, blog posts etc.)

Position details?
  • you would be responsible for increasing noxx’s awareness in pseudonymous economy.
  • you would also be supporting founders to fundraise from crypto investors.
  • the full-time position will start on a trial basis with a 1-month contractor agreement.

How to apply
  • please don’t send us your cv, LinkedIn, GitHub with your real name.

Don't doxx yourself for work.

Please let the company know you found this position on so we can keep providing you with quality jobs.

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