Outbound Sales of Foreign Exchange services to Business Clients at Venstar Exchange

Only available to applicants who may legally work in the USA.

Feel free to work part time while you build up your client base and income stream.

About Us

We are a small, customer service driven, foreign exchange provider, specializing in businesses needing to send regular payments abroad to pay suppliers, staff, or for intracompany transfers.

Please visit us at www.venstar-exchange.com

You / The Job

  • We are looking for a self-motivated, creative salesperson who can reflect our company's integrity and dedication to impeccable customer service. We need a person who can think of creative ways to connect with even unusual companies that are currently being, largely unknowingly, fleeced by their banks (e.g. an organic Texas cattle rancher buying natural pesticide from Germany can be a better client than a wine merchant in Venice, CA). To then show those prospects that we can improve their profit margins by reducing the ridiculous spread often hidden in their bank's exchange rates. 

  • We don't care about your political persuasion, skin color, personal pronoun preference, or the number or variety of your piercings or tattoos. We do care about your approachability and ability to approach and engage with others (irrespective of their political persuasion, skin color, etc., etc.), your integrity, and your creativity. We need a good listener, to hear our prospective clients' needs and fears; and to then tailor solutions that address those concerns. Solutions that may include Spot, Forward, or Auto-fill transactions.

  • The ideal candidate will also have leadership capabilities to take over as Sales Manager in the near future if desired. 

  • Experience is not required. We are open to trying out people new to sales and/or foreign exchange, but you will need to learn fast and quickly demonstrate your grasp of the industry and sales ability. 

  • Super flexible work hours. So long as you deliver the results.


Our remuneration package is purely commission-based, but very generous, starting at around 80% of our net revenue, then decreasing slowly as higher levels are reached. In other words, your success will be both highly appreciated and well rewarded. Our goal is to have you earning around 130,000 by the end of year 2 and over 200,000 by the end of year 5.

Work Environment

  • You will be working from home, but be in regular Skype or Zoom contact with your manager and our IT staff - both of whom are dedicated to providing you with the support and tools you need to best perform your job. 

  • When COVID-19 again allows you will be expected to occasionally travel to trade shows or conventions to find new clients or two meet potential clients face to face. 

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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