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Sports Editor/Content Manager at Pacific Programing

Multinational company looking for an experienced and competitive editor with deep sports knowledge and how those sports play a vital role in online wagering. The ideal candidate will have a vision for creative, high-impact, must-read coverage digitally and in print; and an ability to lead and inspire clients to act on placing that next bet. Applicants should have at least 3 years’ experience writing with a track record of managing staff writers, budgets, sports coverage and strategic direction. Responsibilities • Arrange and supervise sports coverage; ensure that reporting is attentive to detail, consistently accurate, delivered with high quality under constant deadlines, and edited to conform with accepted journalistic techniques, ethical standards and the style of the publication • Write quality content for our clients that will encourage them to get excited about that next game or event. • Directly supervise our in-house and remote writers • Provide continual feedback to employees on their performance and complete formal annual performance reviews • Set a strategic course for the department that prioritizes digital development, grows audience, readership and digital subscriptions, and fulfills current company goals. • Apply creativity and independent judgment to staff management, story generation, visual element generation, and the presentation of news and information in the most relevant, interesting way • Manage budgets and plan annually and monthly spending reports • Represent the department internally and externally and communicate the departmental mission, direction and strategic future • Effectively manage change and crises, inspire the staff to quality and maximum productivity, and minimize legal exposure • Ensure that the department meets digital and print production deadlines and maintains ideal story flow Requirements/Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree or higher and a minimum of 2 years of editing or management experience at a news publication or website • Knowledge and commitment to the company’s mission and strategy • Ability to foster excellent communication with peers, supervisors, and department heads • Maintaining up-to-date skills on various digital platforms and keeping abreast of current events in sports and news and culture topics

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